Weird invention of shoes

Do you ever think of wearing an odd shoes? For example, rats or fish shaped shoes like this

Rats shoes
Can you imagine how it feels to wear such shoes? But some people may make these type of weird shoes as collection, for fun and hobbies.

A pair of Fish shoes
It looks like two pieces of dried salted fish that have been created as a slipper. Maybe most of people still wondering whether to wear this type of shoes or not. Think it wisely before used.

Then, there is a more modern shoes designed but still has a weird characteristic and we may not ever think to wear that type of shoes.
Slide pink shoes
It was design by Kobi Levi. The stability of this shoes might be question because the heel looks unstable but this shoes created as a new invention that might be use in the future perhaps.

Lovely Red shoes
So elegant and sophisticated with red love as a heel. The designed are very similar as wedges heels but the stability of this shoes still a question mark.

Colorful Lego heels
Return back to the children fun times with shoes adorned with Lego blocks. This design looks very funky!

High heels with nails
Very scary if have to wear shoes like this. Can this be called a shoes? Think about it guys!

Cheese Burger Shoes
Creamy, Yummy and very FUNNY burger shoes. Are you willing to wear these shoes?

Peter Pan House shaped 
The design of this shoes looks very traditional boots likes Aladdin shoes. Kids might like this type of shoes.

Opera shoes
The phantom of the opera is back under your feet. Check it out! It seems very heavy but a good invention.

Banana shoes

Have you ever think to wear all these type of shoes in your entire life? Why not? We leave you with questions mark. Ask yourself what is your interests and do not follow the interests of others that may not be suitable for you. 

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